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Biometric system deployment including: voice, fingerprint and facial recognition

360 verification: individuals can be verified through all access channels (mobile devices, web, contact center, branch offices).

Advanced mobile device biometrics integration (voice, touchless fingerprint capture technology and facial biometrics)

Biometrics as a service

E-signature and digital stamping

Koala VSP

(Verification Services Platform)


Integration Services

Koala VSP manages the biometric profile of customers (or employees) without putting at risk personal information using various software techniques and data encryption. Koala VSP integrates fingerprint, face and voice biometrics in a single platform, as well as voice services including speech recognition, transcription and speech to text.




Finger Print Identification. Koala VSP includes leading AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) technology creating a unique ID biometric profile for every enrolled person. Karalundi offers touchless fingerprint capture technology, which allows capturing fingerprints on the mobile device, without the need of a fingerprint scanner, by simply taking a picture of the hand. The technology includes liveness verification. Read more about it here.


Facial Biometrics

Facial Recognition. Koala VSP offers powerful face recognition capabilities. The engine instantly compares facial images from various sources to large image databases, supporting the biometric identification, comparison, and verification of persons. Our technology includes robust mobile device integration with liveness verification to avoid the use of photographs or video to break the system.


Active Voice Biometrics

Active Voice Biometrics allows the identification of customers using a phrase.  The Koala VSP platform integrates to most IVR’s using open interfaces. Koala VSP is reliable. It validates the quality of audio and has strong anti-spoofing features. Our dynamic voice biometric identity-profiling algorithm allows creative and cost effective implementation of IVR based voice biometric systems. Karalundi provides expert consulting services to implement enrollment and verification processes for various use cases such as customer identification and proof of life.

Passive Voice Biometrics

Koala VSP supports Passive Voice Biometrics, which is used to identify the customer when interacting with the contact center. We integrate to open contact center solutions to provide identification in the first few seconds of the conversation between the customer and the contact center agent.

Fraud and Identity

Theft Prevention

Koala VSP uses dynamic Fraud and Identity Theft Prevention lists to help identify fraudsters and protect customers. We integrate to IVR systems and contact center solutions.

Mobile Voice Biometrics

Koala VSP mobile software can be integrated into enterprise mobile solutions taking advantage of the active voice biometric assets offering voice as an alternative to PIN’s. Our solution allows effective integration of voice biometric into mobile banking and mobile care implementations.

Concurrent Voice Biometrics

Koala VSP does Concurrent Voice Biometrics. This is processing large number of contact center recordings against dynamic target lists to identify fraudsters. Koala VSP is your reliable path to true voice mining.

Speech Recognition

Koala VSP uses speech recognition to validate the active voice biometric phrase during enrollment.

Voice recognition services can also interact with the contact center IVR’s to automate services and perform call routing. Karalundi offers expert consulting services to implement ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) technology.


Speech to Text

Koala VSP integrates Speech to Text engines for audio transcription, both for real time and batch services.


Koala VSP is a redundant,  multi-tenant platform, with strong security features. Koala VSP has open interfaces that allow the integration to a variety of third party platforms such as IVR’s or contact centers. Koala VSP includes multilayer user login, transaction traceability, billing and reports. It also includes dashboards and options to manage the platform in a secure way.

Biometrics as a Service

Karalundi offers volume based or transactional business models through biometrics as a service solution.


Our cloud based implementation offers reliable and secure transactional capabilities to integrate biometric processes into your business needs.


We offer voice, facial and fingerprint biometric services to implement business processes such as:

• Proof of life

• Presence

• Identification

• Validation

• Workforce management

• Staff scheduling


E-signature services &

Digital stamping platform

Karalundi offers advanced e-signature and digital stamping services.


Through our subsidiary, PSC World, we offer cloud based digital certificates, time stamping services, document management and e-signature, so documents are conveniently signed. The process is paperless, meaning there is no need to print, scan or send documents.


Our e-signature service is secure. It includes a biometric layer in which users of the service are optionally identified using biometrics (voice, fingerprint or face). This can be done from the mobile device.


Our time stamp service is Mexico NOM 151 compliant.


Mobile solutions

Karalundi integrates fingerprint, voice and face biometrics to mobile applications, for remote on-boarding, and verification.


We offer customized Apps or SDK’s that can be integrated to the customer mobile Apps.



IVR and Contact Center Integration

Koala VSP (Verification Services Platform) can be integrated to leading IVR and Contact Center solutions using Web Services.

Koala VSP has been integrated to many different IVR and contact center vendors.


Karalundi is a Genesys partner for Mexico, so we can deliver end-to-end contact center solutions in the Mexican market.


Karalundi also offers chat BOT solutions that may include multi-biometrics.


Karalundi also offers a Citrix ready solution, eliminating the use of passwords.


Use Cases

Koala VSP (Voice Services Platform) use cases:

Professional Services

Customer identification

Fraud and identity theft prevention

Proof of Life

Business process automation

PIN (Personal Identification Number) replacement

Services automation such as service activation and transaction confirmation

Call analysis using voice mining techniques



Project development and implementation

Software Development and Customization

System Integration



Partners and Suppliers

Karalundi partners with leading global software and hardware technology providers.








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